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Dental Care: Dentatreat, Leba 111, Plaque Off, Slurp ‘n Fresh

Posted on: February 13, 2012 by Global Pet Foods HRM

Have you thought about your pet’s teeth recently?  Maybe you’ve noticed bad breath or perhaps taken a closer look and seen redness along the gums and plaque on the teeth.  It’s important to stop and think about your furry friend’s oral health because periodontal disease affects 85% of adult dogs and cats. Apart from bad breath, discomfort and possible tooth loss, periodontitis can load the blood with bacteria and affect the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.  Whoa! Suddenly, that doggy-breath seems pretty serious!  So what do you do about it?  Well, just as we follow multiple avenues for our own oral care such as daily brushing, flossing, mouthwash, regular visits to the dentist etc., so should your pet to ensure teeth remain healthy throughout life.

If you’re working with a young dog or cat, get started early with a toothbrush.  Daily brushing is the best and most cost effective way of keeping teeth clean by stopping the formation of tartar.  Don’t use your toothpaste though.  Special pet toothpaste (yum, beef flavour…) and brushes are essential.  If you’re working with an older animal you can still introduce them to brushing - start slowly and make it a positive experience.  You might be surprised and find out they like it.

Beyond brushing, anything your dog or cat chews is beneficial because of the scraping action against the teeth while chewing.  Raw chicken necks are fantastic (cats love them too); tartar bones, beef chews and raw meaty bones are all popular natural choices.  Then you have your chews and treats formulated especially for dental care - Greenies for dogs and cats, Terrabones, and Get Naked dental sticks are a few examples.

Finally, there are dental supplements to add to their food or water to ensure their teeth are being cared for each and every day.  There are a wide variety of great choices available to support your oral care regimen, including Wysong Dentatreat, Nature’s Dentist, Slurp ‘n Fresh, Leba III, PetzLife and ProDen PlaqueOff.

Wysong Dentatreat is an all-natural powder you add to your pet’s food.  It is a dental active natural cheese, combined with minerals, probiotics and apple polyphenols.  It discourages the growth of bacteria that cause plaque, tartar and bad breath.  It also prevents gingivitis and remineralizes teeth.  Most dogs and cats love it because it’s cheese!  Nature’s Dentist is a similar product.

Slurp ‘n Fresh is a liquid supplement that is added to your pet’s water.  It contains yucca, which reduces plaque and tartar by breaking up mineral deposits, protects the natural oral environment by altering the pH of the mouth, and eliminates bad breath and noxious gas by breaking down odour causing compounds in the mouth and digestive tract.  It also contains mint oil which is a natural anti-bacterial to help fight gingivitis and makes the breath minty fresh

Leba III is a liquid that you spray inside your pet’s mouth.  The active ingredients are mint and rose herbs that act by stimulating enzymes and changing the chemistry in the mouth causing tartar to soften and come off teeth.  The results are amazing!   A similar product is PetzLife.

ProDen PlaqueOff is an all-natural seaweed product you add to your dog or cat’s food.  It uses a special variety of seaweed that has great oral benefits. It is also rich in other vitamins and minerals and contains no artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or sugar.

There are so many easy ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.  Don’t just think about it once a year - get your dog or cat started on a routine and make dental health a daily concern.  You never know when your pet will have to flash a smile.  : )