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“DON’T BUG ME” - It’s NOT what you think!

Posted on: January 18, 2013 by Global Pet Foods HRM

There are days we all want to say "Don't Bug Me".  Now imagine your pets saying this to pesky fleas.  It's probably why the makers of this product decided to name their product exactly that.  Don’t Bug Me is a non-toxic, chemical free product used to prevent and kill fleas, ticks, mites and parasites.

Don’t Bug Me contains:
- Diatomaceous Earth, (powdered fossilized remains of microscopic, crystalline-shelled ocean organisms mined from dried sea beds).  Diatomaceous Earth works mechanically by scratching and puncturing the outer shell of the insect, causing it to dehydrate and die.  Within 72 hours, 75% of the fleas are dead.
- Pennyroyal Leaf a herb originally from Europe (Greece and Rome) now commonly grow in the United States in Kentucky and Virginia is a fragrant, natural herbal insect repellent that provides added protection against pests.
- Trace Minerals are inorganic compounds essential to all living things in trace amounts.

How to use Don’t Bug Me?
Don’t Bug Me used 1) externally: apply the powder to your pet’s fur, starting at the head and working all the way down and through the fur while paying special attention to the neck and top of the legs as these are favourite hiding spots for fleas. 2) Don’t Bug Me can also be sprinkled on your pet’s food a couple times a week to help control internal parasites and is helpful with hairballs.  3) Don’t Bug Me can also be used anywhere in the home:  carpets, sofas and pet bedding.  It is safe for adults, puppies, kittens and other small animals, however, special consideration must be used to avoid inhalation and the eyes.

Now don’t we all wish there was such a versatile, easy, safe Don’t Bug Me for those annoying mosquitoes?